Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Lists of things to do. We’re at the beginning of our aim of designing our new home and land according to permaculture principles. One of the objectives of this is to use thinking and design skills to reduce the human input of time and effort for each element. Until we get there, I can easily feel overwhelmed by all there is to do; Gabrielle’s a bit calmer about the process.

Lists are the thing and it’s a very satisfying moment at the end of the day when I put a line through jobs done. Beware though: Gabrielle warns me that it is all too inviting to choose the smallest and easiest jobs each morning, giving the impression of getting lots done but procrastinating over the more important jobs.

This blog is another help, and one of the reasons to write it. Just when I think that we’re not getting anywhere, looking back over our blog entries helps me realise how far we’ve come since we moved in at the end of April.

Another reason for the blog is to invite comments: encourage, advise and inspire us please!

Posting a comment is easy:
1. click on the green “x comments” at the end of each post
2. type in your comment
3. below your comment, where it says “choose an identity” click “other” and in “name” write your name or alias
4. click “publish your post”
I get to check them first, so there will be a delay before your comments appear.

We look forward to hearing from you.


vanillablush said...

I know how you feel about the design process.I've not done a full design course yet.When Patrick Whitefield says in his amazing book, that people who describe having some of their garden that is a bit permaculture, they are not really getting the point of permaculture.Whilst I completely take his point, it also makes me feel intimidated in myattempts to incorporate PC into my life.
Trouble is finding the time and space to do the design.So what I have done is some very basic base maps and use ideas from PC books and courses I've done in my garden and allotment.

Stuart and Gabrielle said...

Thanks again for posting a comment, Liam. I'd been thinking about writing a blog entry on different styles of "getting started", so your comment has motivated me to do it this week: keep an eye out for it!