Friday, March 23, 2007

STOP PRESS! In my blog of Sunday 11th March, I explained our confusion on how to recognise a broody chicken and which came first: the eggs or the chicken turning broody. Thanks to Gia and Monica for supplying comprehensive answers. (click on the green “comments” at the bottom-right of the posting to read what they said). I also told you how six of our own eggs came to be underneath our neighbour Annike’s broody bantam.

Yesterday, 21 days later (from the eggs going underneath, not me posting the blog) five assorted chicks arrived, the other egg made a sloshing sound when shaken: unfertilised. I spent all morning cobbling together a new home and run into which I installed the chicks and their surrogate mother—on “rental” from Annike until the chicks become independent—which will be for at least a month, she says. Now all look at the picture and go Arrrrrrrr, aren’t they sweeeeet!