Monday, October 29, 2007

A writing friend of ours, Mark Sampson (who achieved fame when his straw-bale house build was featured on UK TV Channel 4’s Grand Designs Abroad programme) wrote an article about us, “Tilling a Foreign Soil”, in October’s edition of Country Smallholding. The second part of his article, called “Making Hay on French Soil” has just been published in the November edition. Quite the media sluts we are; move over Posh & Becks!


Anonymous said...

Come on, then, stop teasing and show us the article!! I don't buy CS anymore as it seemed to be 50 pages on chicken diseases (read that and you'll never keep chickens again!) and not much else, certainly only one short article per month about growing stuff - so anyway I gave up my sub.
Let's see it!

Stuart and Gabrielle said...

I've phoned and asked the editor to forward both CS articles as PDF files, which I'll put in the "Links" section of the blog. We might have to wait until the issue is no longer current.