Monday, January 21, 2008

Another brief offering in the Permaculture Vision, perhaps “Permavision” series, as produced by the “Blind Leading the Blind” production company comprised completely of amateurs who only partially know what they’re talking about. Today’s offering is how to squeeze something tasty out of the centre of a rosehip, whose contents (the prickly seeds are irritatingly itchy and, more seriously, can be a dangerous internal irritant) are usually mischievously stuffed down the back of their friends’ collars by recalcitrant schoolboys.

During our Christmas trip to the UK, we stayed over at some friends, Jenny and Tam. As you’ll see in the little video at the top, Jenny demonstrates how to squeeze out some tasty, vitamin-C-charged (20 times that of an orange, apparently) rosehips, foraged while out walking their dog, Millie.

Jen & Tam are about to emigrate to live in Australia, where Jen’s parents live. They’re off to live in a place called “Blue Knob” ... what an address for a couple of laydees!