Sunday, January 06, 2008

A mini-blog during half-time of the FA Cup football game between Burnley and Arsenal. We (Arsenal, and amusing that can I say “we” without embarrassment as I was always crap at football myself) are currently leading 1 : 0.

Gabrielle made a great birdfeeder today, from a pine cone, here called a pomme de pin (literally, an apple of a pine) into which she pressed a mixture of fat she trimmed off a couple of pork chops yesterday evening, then rendered, and some peanuts ground (in a food processor) into a flour, which was the consistency of hard butter. She suspended it from a piece of string and no less than five minutes later, the first blue tit (mésange) arrived for a snack. Pretty to look at and only cost the peanuts … have a look at the price of stuff like this in a garden centre!

And a silly game to be played at this time of year, involving a chocolate and mint cream wafer called an After Eight. Our friend Sid demonstrates … and succeeds at the second attempt.