Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bunny Bits This is a sexy blog! Perhaps not exactly titillating but it does contain close up shots—and video—of genitalia, so be warned. I’m typing this after the 9pm “watershed”, so I assume I’m complying with my social responsibilities.

Very simply, I’m going to tell you how to tell the fe/maleness of your rabbit. When we originally chose Bunny Lapine from Sam and Julie’s litter of rabbits, it was not immediately clear that she was female and neither Sam nor Julie had previously experience of sexing rabbits. It gets easier the bigger they get and so we turn to the venerable Annick, our neighbour and expert in all things concerning the French countryside, to supply us with the definitive answer.

The video at the top shows Annick’s dexterity with a feisty young rabbit, along with a certain bashfulness in front of the camera (Annick, not the rabbit) telling you how to restrain a rabbit while inspecting the important bits. The next two photos show a female’s, then male’s parts. So now you know!