Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Shiatsu de Chèvres – Goat Massage

Special Offer! Sore back? Tired and tense? Stressed from overwork? If you book to come and holiday with us in our beautiful little gîte in the next four weeks, for a small charge, we can offer a new and exclusive service. Treat yourself to a relaxing if somewhat uncompromising massage by goats or, as we call it here in Brittany, Shiatsu de Chèvres.

Play the short promotional video below to see how it works and see the obvious benefits afforded by a short time with our team of expert goat masseurs. Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions about this alternative therapy. Don’t delay though, it’s sure to be popular and it’s only being offered over the next four weeks.

(Please note that no insurance is offered and you will be asked to sign a disclaimer before beginning treatment. Please also note that the photo above is for promotional purposes only and you should rather imagine a French Alpine goat taking the role of the beautiful lady in the white coat.)