Monday, February 28, 2011

An author's note inside The Sheep Book for Smallholders by Tim Tyne advises that the book "is not a veterinary manual, nor is it a miserable catalogue of the numerous ways in which a sheep may choose to die..."  So, you see, sheep don't have the best reputation for staying alive but, touch wood, the worst problem we've had in nearly four years of keeping a small ovine flock is one case of summer mastitis, which had a favourable outcome.  Perhaps it's to do with them being a rustic race (Ouessant) and living outside all the year. 
Still, one can't help worrying about these allegedly fragile creatures, which is why I've uploaded this little video of this year's lambstwo boys and a girl (with one more due soon).  Please have a look and give us your opinion of how healthy they look!