Monday, September 05, 2011

Tweet, tweet …

I’ve been tweeted and re-tweeted, tweeted twice in fact, twit-twoo.  I’m not a twitter, merely a blogger, so hardly cutting edge but one must move with the times.  So, although I enjoy writing articles for magazines, I write on a computer rather than with a fountain pen in a moleskin notebook, I’m no literary Luddite.

Permaculture Magazine have decided to put quite a lot of effort into publishing more articles on the Internet rather than increasing the size of individual magazines or the frequency of publication (still a frustrating wait for each quarterly magazine).  I continue to write articles for their magazines but have now started writing for their website too.
My first effort shows how to make a barbeque out of an old oil drum, aided by my diminutive assistant, 9-year-old neighbour Camille (here dressed up in her dad's work wear). 

My latest offering is how to press your own apple juice.  Either go to the magazine’s website and scroll down to ‘Readers’ Solutions’ or click here.

I sent the text and photos off and then my thoughts turned to the next project.  However, no sooner than it was published on the site than my step-daughter, Christina, emailed me (from her Blackberry) to tell me that she’d been alerted to Permaculture Magazine tweeting my nascent article and that she’d re-tweeted it to her Twitting followers.  I’m not sure I fully understand.

She signed off with, “Can't wait to try some of the juice!”  For all this electronic wizardry, she’ll actually have to come and see us, it’s not as if I can email the apple juice to her … or could I ?