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These are magazine articles I've written on permaculture and related subjects.  When you click on the link, the article as a PDF file will either open directly or download depending on how your computer is set up.  Click on the front cover pic to be taken to the magazine's website.

Photography as an Observation Tool Permaculture Magazine Nº 84 Summer 2015
We show you how we can use photography as a tool for permaculture design and discovery.

Upcycling an Old Barn Permaculture Magazine Nº 83 Spring 2015
How we renovated a 200-year-old cob and stone barn into a new gite for rental, using a variety of traditional, modern and environmentally-friendly materials and techniques.

Zone 5 – A Space for Nature Permaculture Magazine Nº 81 Autumn 2014
Permaculture always tries to make space for a wild, uncultivated area but is this the right way of integrating nature?

Lessons from a Forest Garden Permaculture Magazine Nº 80 Summer 2014
Stuart Visits Martin Crawford's mature forest garden in Devon.

Permaculture: the good, the bad and the ... An article in the same edition, written by the late Patrick Whitefield featuring us and our smallholding.

Online PDC ? Permaculture Magazine Nº 79 Spring 2014
We compare and contrast online Permaculture Design Courses to conventional face to face one.

Make Your Own Laundry Liquid - Permaculture Magazine Nº 78 Winter 2013
Following our article on how to make your own soap, we explain how to save money by making your own laundry liquid.
Pigs in Plastic - Permaculture Magazine Autumn 2013
How we used sheets of recycled plastic to build a durable pig ark.
Photographing Your Chickens - Your Chickens August 2013
Some tips to help you take great photos of your birds.

DIY Butchery - Country Smallholding Magazine May 2013
How I picked up the essentials of home butchery with help from the experts.
The Permaculture Smallholding pt 2 - Country Smallholding Magazine Dec 2012
The second of my two-parter on permaculture at a smallholding scale, with case studies on Chris and Lyn Dixon and Andy and Angie Polkey.
How to Make Your Own Soap - Permaculture Magazine Winter 2012
Step-by-step guide to making your own bars of soap at home.

The Permaculture Smallholding pt 1 - Country Smallholding Magazine Nov 2012
The first of two articles on the subject, with case studies on Pippa and Andrew Chapman and Laura Wallwork.
 Henkeeping in France - Your Chickens October 2012
 Not my article this time but several of my photos of our smallholding, our neighbour Annick's chickens and local octogenarians, Francis and Janine Gallée.

Bartering for Wood - Living Woods Magazine Sept/Oct 2012
Bartering a mural on the side of our house for firewood for the artist and other interesting local swaps.

Hideaway Hens - Your Chickens August 2012
A photo-story of hens laying their eggs in strange places.

Treating Grey Water - Permaculture Magazine Spring 2012
The second of two articles showing how we deal with our sewage: our plant filter to treat our grey water.
A Tale of Two Oaks - Living Woods Magazine Jan/Feb 2012
How to tell the difference between the pedunculate and sessile oaks. Slight problem in that the editor (bane of writers' lives but otherwise a nice chap) published an early draft rather than the corrected final draft ... doh!
The Ecological Toilet - Permaculture Magazine Winter 2011
The first of two articles showing how we deal with our sewage: our sophisticated compost toilet.

Ducklings Delight - Country Smallholding Magazine December 2011
Our broody hen hatches out seven duck eggs.
How to Waste Wood into Business - Permaculture Magazine Summer 2011

Lessons in Smallholding - Country Smallholding Magazine June 2011


Winter Work in Our Woodlands - Brit'Mag Jan/Feb 2011
The joys of seasonal weather and winter tasks in our woodlands.
Simple Solar Surveying - Permaculture Magazine Summer 2010
Buying Woods in France - Living Woods Magazine July/Aug 2010
How we came to purchase our woodlands and started to learn how to manage them.

The Strange World of a Broody Hen - Country Smallholding Magazine March 2010

Making a working trip into a holiday - Living Woods Jan/Feb 2010
Volunteering in our woodlands.
Les Porcs in Permaculture - Permaculture Magazine Autumn 2009

Meet the Boys (Our first pigs) - Country Smallholding Magazine March 2008

Our Big Fat Breton Wedding - Living France January 2008
A colourful article on our wedding at the local mairie and our efforts to integrate into the local community, written by our friend Mark Sampson


Making Hay on French Soil - Country Smallholding Magazine November 2007
The second of two articles based on our experiences becoming smallholders in France, written by our friend Mark Sampson
 Tilling a Foreign Soil - Country Smallholding Magazine October 2007
The first of two articles based on our experiences becoming smallholders in France, written by our friend Mark Sampson 
Connecting people in the wool trade - Permaculture Magazine Winter 2006
A Bedtime Story - Permaculture Magazine Spring 2006
How we learned to make a wool duvet on the organic sheep farm of Catherine and Charles Guillot in the Sarthe region.

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